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Outstanding Callaway FT-iZ Driver review

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Outstanding Callaway FT-iZ Driver review 
By golfonlineau on Apr 07, 2013 01:59 AM
The Callaway FT-iZ throws all of the best aspects of Callaway drivers into one package. It's target player is the mid to high handicap golfer but there is also a Tour model out there for the better player. They say the swing is the most important factor, and technology can only help so much, but I believe this driver's strength is it's ability to help me feel the proper swing.

I had a tendency to fade or slice the burner if my hand timing was a little late on the release. The major advantage I see is the balance of the club head in relation to the shaft. It is very easy for me to to feel the head on the downswing and release the club correctly. I had the I-Mix versions of the Callaway FT-iQ Driver 9 & 10 degree heads. I thought that they were the holy grail of heads. I recently bought the FT-IZ and niticed that it was right to upgrade.

This Callaway FT-IZ Driver is an engineering marvel with an outstanding combination of distance and accuracy. Experience an increased speed and greater stability with the polar weighting technology of this Callaway golf club. This localizes the weight at the front and the back of the driver. Flexibility is probably the greatest difference and so I have had to adjust the clubs I play. Not only was it as long off the tee but I am also able to hit it off the fairway like a three wood with greater distance.

The flight is pure straight off the face, even miss hits stream no more than 15 yards off target. The sound at impact is not overwhelming like some other drivers out there which I like. I don't think it's added any yardage from my old taylormade r11 driver, maybe a couple yards or so, but I rarely miss fairways now and thats fine with me. Got the stiff shaft and its light and very smooth. Feels balanced. You don't have to swing that hard for the ball to launch easily off the club head. I think Callaway has done a phenominial job with these.

Featuring a chemically milled hyperbolic face-cup, this Callaway FT-iZ delivers high speeds. This reduction process also aids the FT-iZ Driver in eliminating unwanted material thus delivering precision thickness control. This Callaway golf wholesale's excellent fusion of cast titanium, compression cured carbon fiber, formed aluminum, and cast steel delivers performance and looks. I have hit the ball both left and right of the fairway, I never knew where it would end up. Now I can just look down the fairway and it will be along either side, but easy to find.
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