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Good jewelry store

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Good jewelry store 
By xiangyang0326 on Mar 18, 2013 07:12 AM

I'll second jewelry wholesalers row - I've got a friend who comfortable with work at one of the very small stores on Wabash and they had great ingredients that for website prices that were a lot better than Tiffany's or Cartier.

posted tiffany outlet by echo0720 here at 9: 18 WAS SO on December 25, 2005

There's a gold/silversmith who seem to makes the secrets, instead of buying the thing came cheaply-made from tiffany jewelry outlet being a factory somewhere. It appears as if markup=attitude at most stores I have been to.

posted next to BrandonAbell at 9: 26 WAS SO on December 25, 2005

posted by _zed_ here at 9: 45 WAS SO on December 25, Tiffany @ Outlet, Tiffany Jewellery UK Sale 2005

Heyo, quite late on this but I have been looking for a blunder for my fiancee and i also checked out consistently tiffany's and jared's these firms were all comparatively expensive.

My fiancee is really artsy so I thought she would enjoy something unique, therefore i finally stumbled all around custom jewelry and slipped buying from a smallish online shop i always found on Search engine website. It's called Engaging Rings and it's also good if you want something unique, otherwise I say yeah try chicago jewelers' row along with bluenile. Hope that can help Cinthia wears tons of jewelry someone.
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