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such as the high school or college track

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such as the high school or college track 
By garefedar on Mar 07, 2013 02:59 AM
Exercises You Can Do With Jumpsoles

Jumpsoles attach to your own tennis shoes, preventing your heals from touching the ground. This increases your fast twitch muscles, calf muscles, and ankle strength. Using Jumpsoles and doing jumpsole exercises can dramatically increase your vertical jump in a very short period of time. Most people see a 5-10 inch increase in their vertical leap.


Go to your local track, such as the high school or college track. Sprint for 10 yards, walk for 10 yards. Do this for 60 yards. Do this at the beginning and the ending of your workout.


Use a sturdy box, a fitness step, or plyometric box Cheap Jordans Online that is at least 18 inches high. Quickly jump up on the top of the box and then back down to the floor. Do it 10 times, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat.


Again, the track is a great place to do this exercise. Starting with your right leg, jump as high and far as you can for 20 yards. Then go 20 yards on your left foot. Rest for 30 seconds, and repeat.


Skip using high, exaggerated movements, bringing your knees up as high as you can. Skip for 20 yards, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat.

180 degree HOP

With both feet on the ground, jump and turn to the right 180 degree. As soon as you land, jump and turn to the left 180 degree. Do this 20 times, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat.


I am only 5'10", and thanks to JUMPSOLES I can now dunk a basketball!

- Jeff Williams, Chicago, IL

I gained about 9 inches in my vertical jump. Now I jump the highest in my grade and I am nowhere near to being the tallest! I am 14 years old and only 5'7".

- Giovanni Savinovich, Ridgefield, NJ

I have purchased 18 pair so far. . .I now have four team players who are under 6'2" and can touch the top of the square above the rim from a standing start at the bottom of the net. Thanks JUMPSOLES!

- Carl Finch, Head Basketball Coach, Modesto, CA

My friend recently got a pair and already gained 11 inches in Cheap Jordans Online vertical jump. I am totally shocked. . .

- Danny Anderson, Brooklyn, NY

I pulled off a 180 degree reverse slam after gaining 9 1/2 inches Womens Jordans in 2 months!

- James Schmidt, Minneapolis, MN

My friend got a pair and he is now doing the things Jordan does. He has increased his leap an incredible 8 inches in the past month.

- Gunnar Jenkins, Southwest Dekalb Jordan Spizike High School, IL

My football team gained an average of 6 inches in vertical jump. I am truly amazed!

1.Gary Agnitsch, Benicia, CA

I recently bought a pair of the shoes and have gained about 1.5 inches in the past two weeks using them.

Art Vandaley, Los Vegas, NV
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