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Ping G25 Driver which occupy the market

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Ping G25 Driver which occupy the market 
By golfonlineau on Feb 02, 2013 03:50 AM
PING is considered one of the best companies in terms of production of cheap golf clubs. Such golf clubs are engineered and designed in such a way that the satisfaction of the player is kept under consideration. With maximum forgiveness technology, ping driver provide a variety of design features to lower your scores and help improve your game. This year it will be the Ping G25 Driver which occupy the market.

The Ping G25 Driver is designed for all ability levels. The new version replace the hugely popular, market leading cheap g20 driver and introduce a number of improvements that make them even more attractive than their best selling predecessors. It has a slightly wider face and at address the head appears bigger. The external weighting of the Ping G25 will help launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy. The external weighting will help launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy.

The Ping G25 Driver comes in four lofts (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees) and each loft can be adjusted by plus or minus one-half degree. Mahan was hitting a G25 Driver (9.5 degrees) as well as a 15-degree Ping G25 Fairway Wood. Watson was playing a G25 Driver with his signature pink crown and graphics (8.5 degrees) and a 16.5-degree G25 fairway wood. If you are looking to upgrade your driver with something that will help you hit your tee shots longer and straighter than ever before, you can't go wrong with the new Ping G25.

The new G25 driver will feature the same three-way adjustability feature found on this summer's Anser driver. Ping have pointed out that the ultra-thin-crown and aerodynamic design of their new G25 driver range redistributes weight along the perimeter of the club head which. in turn, moves the CG (centre of gravity) farther back and lower than was the case with any previous Ping driver.

A TFC 189D, lightweight, high-balance-point shaft developed specifically for the G25 driver. According to Ping, this shaft creates increased club head momentum at impact, which leads to greater ball velocity and forgiveness. The Ping G25 Driver has a larger face than the G20, a lower, deeper center of gravity, and is more elongated from face to rear, which contribute to higher-launching shots that spin less, a higher MOI and more forgiveness. Compared with the Anser, the G25 is a higher-launching, higher-spinning driver with greater forgiveness.
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