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Reviews of the 2013 Callaway X Hot Irons

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Reviews of the 2013 Callaway X Hot Irons 
By DanielBush on Jan 30, 2013 08:42 AM
Luke Williams, Callaway's senior global director of woods and irons, says, "When you hit a 6-iron, you want to look up and see that trajectory that you expect from a 6-iron, you'd just like it to fly longer, so that's what we've tried to do with the Callaway X Hot Irons."

To do that, Callaway designed the X Hot irons using two different types of stainless steel. The chassis has been made with a softer steel, and the hitting area is made from a harder steel. That allowed Callaway to make the face thinner, save some weight, and then redistribute the weight behind a large channel in the back. Combined with stronger lofts and longer shafts in the long-irons, the result is a hotter hitting area, a lower center of gravity (CG) and shots that should fly higher and farther.

A multi-material medallion has been attached to the back of the club to help improve the sound and feel created at impact.

For golfers who want a club that offers more distance but greater workability, Callaway created the callaway x-22 irons for sale. With the same face technology and materials, the Pro model should help more accomplished players add a few yards through the bag while maintaining a design that single-digit players tend to prefer.

"With the Pro version, you've got a thinner topline, less offset, a shorter blade length and a more conventional shape with a longer hosel," Williams says. "But the lofts are stronger compared to our last iron [Callaway RAZR X irons]; we want to give this player a little added distance as well. They'll definitely notice the distance increase."
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