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In addition to pennants initiate interpretatio

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In addition to pennants initiate interpretatio 
By sweety2012 on Jan 23, 2013 03:24 AM
soon spread to pennants tucao."Bujisky" said, "you guys for their very good"."Zhang Haishuai" said, "this will fire!Still trembling P people shed tears of gratitude to say, to serve the people of comrades coach purses outlet worked hard".

Materials with actually refrigeration and air conditioning

In November 30th, the western suburbs of Shijiazhuang coach factory online heating company boiler deflagration accident coach outlet online occurred, resulting in the Xinhua District and the bridge on the west area of about coach purses about 2000000 square meters stopping warming.This situation lasted more than 10 days will gradually restore.In recent days, the temperature of Shijiazhuang also goes low continuously.Heating situation has been tense.

Nandu search reporters found, Shijiazhuang beginning in November 15th of this year heating, with a total area of 128000000 square meters of heat.Meanwhile, "the vast majority of heating facilities running smoothly, but because the individual heating facilities problems, cause partial heating area standards or heating off."The heating of the Department in charge of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Construction Bureau said, in November 15th the west local insufficient heating, on the 30 day after the boiler exploded, washed-up.

In response, Hebei Health http://www.tianlu-ministries.org/node/12413 Supervision Bureau office staff said, began in November 15th after heating, the office of heating had http://www.cafe-kolobok.ru/node/19889 no number quantity of heat.According to him, the Provincial Health Supervision Bureau said that the electric heater to use electric power, power will be overloaded, and the Bureau of the office building is the old building, using up is not coach purses very safe, so stay warm, and not to the procurement of electric heater.

Hebei health supervision bureau the staff confirmed, Shijiazhuang City Health Supervision Bureau not only to the Provincial Bureau sent 100 Teclast heater, there are 30 sets of air conditioner.However, the staff said, 30 air conditioning units is http://www.impactsilverspring.org/content/whether-violation-city-management-and-traffic-regulations cooling, www.coachfactorybagsc.net so did not use.And sent 100 Teclast heater has not all use.He said, in the Bureau of provisions only shaded office can use front coach factory outlet online office, unable use.The current building was restored central heating, the city bureau sent this 100 Teclast heater and 30 sets of air conditioner centralized management, is to discuss whether these appliances back.


"Send warmth" arranged by superior

Hebei Health Supervision Bureau staff said, giving electric heater is Shijiazhuang city hall asks, "government departments to carry out targeted aid system".Shijiazhuang City Construction Bureau staff to Nandu reporters, in addition to the health system, other targeted aid department to send something almost, still send clothes and quilt.In addition to the administrative system of internal rush coach factory online "send warmth", according to published reports, the western suburbs of No. 5 coach factory outlet boiler heating company after the fault occurs, Shijiazhuang municipal city hall has launched emergency plans, prepared more than 2 Teclast heater, free of charge to stop warming community residents.

In addition to pennants initiate interpretation, some netizens questioned, Shijiazhuang City Bureau of Health Supervision Bureau to give electric heater and air conditioning costs where it comes from, which in turn belongs to a type of expenditure.To this, Shijiazhuang City Health Supervision Bureau did not respond positively.The office of staff who just said, send electric heater to the provincial health supervision action is the Municipal Health Bureau unified arrangements.
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Re: In addition to pennants initiate interpretatio 
By maomao12 on Feb 22, 2013 06:47 AM
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