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How to maintain a wig?

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How to maintain a wig? 
By anaiechen on Jan 10, 2013 04:10 PM
1. With your fingers gently comb wig. Whether chemical fiber or human hair, if too hard carding words can make crimped. The aim is to put a finger between hair removal of dust.

2. In all places of cold water to add one scoop of wig professional lotion. The wigs in normal circumstances, you need to every 10 to 12 times to get washed up wig can.

3. Will wig immersion in the bubble water, for two minutes.

4. Will wig out in clean water, gently wash and dress.

5. Get tering redundant moisture. Do not twist wig, it makes the hair fibre break. Only with a towel can wipe gently.

6. If the glueless lace front wigs need to modelling, you can use some without heating shaper. When everything was ready, use hot water washing the wig. Hot water can make the hair fiber according to the shaper modelling and to finalize the design. Will a wig on shaper, until completely dry hair so far.
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