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More a father 2012 Hot Sale T Shirts china  
By ykkgff on Jan 08, 2013 03:03 AM
Day, Ogawa daughter's notebook, suddenly found a boy written her a note, which said "thee still hurt? Wonderful thing I'll always remember." Moment to see the note, Ogawa suddenly a black eyes, not even "88888mengjing" the courage to see it again did not. Feeling like their most cherished things, accidentally being stolen. Father and daughter cook together scenarios, time to go cheap Mens Clothing china to the park, the daughter test that happy moment to make a success of hugs and cry ... Ogawa brain flashed scenes like a revolving door.

Ogawa painstakingly to find her daughter's boyfriend, and then solemnly Womens Clothing in china told him: "If you sorry for my daughter, I will not let you go." Ogawa also know, for the children of this age, these heavy fundamental no role to play, but he wanted to give an account to make my heart feel better.

More a father arose in the night on the toilet when to hear daughter is on the third day of their own room inside a cell phone, said: "Yesterday ... you really bad!, However, not at all hurt ...... wholesale Womens Clothing china could be because you take it it. "the father was no time to urinate, panic and told his wife back to the room inside, mended, his wife said dismissively:" I knew she had a boyfriend, sooner or later need, I told when she and a man to do such 2012 Hot Sale T Shirts china a thing, must let the man Daitao. "voice hardly ever, this man gave his wife a slap in the face.
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