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Best Titleist 910F Fairway Wood I've ever owned

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Best Titleist 910F Fairway Wood I've ever owned 
By DanielBush on Jan 05, 2013 07:26 AM
I have used this titleist 910f fairway wood for about 10 rounds now and it is the best fairway wood Ive ever owned. I have the 15 deg. with the Diamana Blue Stiff Flex.

Off center hits still feel good and solid, yet the results are less forgiving. The 910F allows players to really shape their shots. The smaller clubface makes the club a little less forgiving than some other clubs on the market. However, the adjusting features allow you to really pinpoint any desired distance gaps for a 15 degree fairway wood.

I had the cheap r11s driver and that was good for me for a good deal of time, but when the new adjustability starting happening I knew I needed to get on the band wagon.

The Titleist 910F utilizes Titleist SureFit Technology which allows you to adjust the hosel to sixteen different positions that change the loft and lie of the club. The SureFit technology allows you to alter your desired trajectory, spin rate and shot pattern.

The cheap 910f fairway wood provides plenty of workability. The 910F is 
a particularly impressive all-round performer. Forgiveness is not the main attribute here, even for the larger 910. The adjustability is not designed to correct major faults.

This is a very reliable club and it gets really good when you use the sure fit technoligy to help your errors. I lowered my ballflight and incresed distance and got a alot more accurate.
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