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aggressive variation of fish jumped out to huge

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aggressive variation of fish jumped out to huge  
By sweety2012 on Jan 04, 2013 07:10 AM
Qin day variation of fish are confident before the variability of fish and more vigorous, especially those big blackfish, almost six variation beast matched the. But do not forget, when the fish ashore, the end of a few days ago Who has seen thousands of fish washed ashore and animal duel? The water is the variation of the fish home.

coach online outlet Sure enough, after the burst of waves churn variability of river beast instantly reduced by one third. This look, but nearly only variation beast, ah, Mr Qin days they are so heavy gunfire was killed only a few thousand.

This is just the coach purses beginning, more and more variations the beast rushed into the water, but he was more and more variability the fish dragged into www.coachfactorybagsc.com the water. Listening to the cries of variation beast screams, looked at the patches have become muddy waves ashore heart felt extremely happy crowd.

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Soon, Qin day there on the wall of soldiers laughing.


Burst Qin days listening to understand the tone sounded, immediately rushed to the riverside zombie army uniform of stopped, slowly backwards.

Immediately, a team of six meters high Tingzhao a paunch tens of thousands of variability zombie walked slowly to the river.

"What is that?"

"Do not know ah? They are doing?"

"Shot to try?"

"No, and zombie blocked off, could not beat."


See these behemoths appearance, on the wall again riots up. Various shells, bullets pouring like to play in the past, but closely protected tens of thousands of pregnant zombie little damage.

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The sudden bang tidy shout conceal the deafening sound of the guns.

Qin days distant visible to those pregnant zombie roar, to straighten the stomach, and grew up in his mouth, coach factory outlet online a second later, the belly of a drum and a reduction of the size of the basin's water polo a dark from the the pregnant zombie's mouth and spit it out, then quickly fall towards the surface of the water to go.

Tens of thousands of black water polo at the same time dancing, is nothing less than spectacular. But the people who saw this scene but did not a spectacular feel the meaning. Everyone stared firmly fixed on the surface of the water.

"Flap flap"

Tens of thousands of water polo mess of the fall, and then fast into the river. Then, Qin days they see the original muddy river in fast black, as if the basin pour a bottle of ink black, the whole surface of the water.


Another round of water polo, black river eyeful faster.


Suddenly a mass beneath the huge splash in the water, shore then they went to see a huge variation fish jump in the air.


Everyone is not amazed how this variation fish jump, more than lamenting how large variation of fish. Everyone frightened before the end of this is comparable to fish shark variation, actually only half a skeleton, and the coach outlet online remaining part is still melting fast.

"The paunch zombie, corrosion zombie x" alpine coach factory outlet online stunned for a moment, fiercely hammer the punch. Such a big belly, mobility, but was able to emit strong acid zombie, not exactly had ever seen on the city wall of Nanjing corrosion zombie? But had become extremely vulnerable corrosion zombie like this, not just the high mountains, and even the Qin days did not recognize them at once.

Focus fire, targeting those pregnant zombie, all the snipers in place independent fire http://deluxethemes.com/tr/support/topic.php?id=8883&replies=1#post-15371 heavy machine guns, antiaircraft machine gun hand Do not leave me ah

Ouyang loud shouting, pause a few seconds of the sound of the guns rang more violent. But everything has been late.

56 waves corrosion Blackwater fall into the water, the whole a few kilometers long coach store online river all turned black. The huge variation fish out of the water from time to time, but no one is complete. Those smaller variation of fish, I'm afraid the first time became a pool of black water.

Bursts of gunshots on the river, lambasted. But Qin day they live the high expectations of coach purses outlet the surface of the water was such a backwater. No coach factory outlet longer aggressive variation of fish jumped out to huge whirlpool.

All pale, if the the Blackwater ball fell to their wall, you can have a few people survive?
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