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Mizuno MP-69 Irons is for you

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Mizuno MP-69 Irons is for you 
By golfonlineau on Dec 30, 2012 09:09 AM
I've kind of developed into an equipment junkie because I'm curious about the design of buy golf clubs au. When it comes to classically good looking irons that have a throwback feel to them, few companies put out more than Mizuno. The iconic MP line of clubs that Mizuno puts out each year fall into this category and the MP-59 and MP-69 are no exception.

Compared to the Mizuno MP-68 Irons used 3D technology, the 69s use 4D technology. The 4D Technology has some visual implications that may not appeal to the really serious golfer looking for a really serious muscle back. It is more pronounced and locates weight strategically from 3-iron to pitching wedge. This means the shorter irons are designed to appear cleaner and more compact and have a higher centre of gravity for better trajectory control.

I'm hitting the ball more pure than ever and when I don't, I know exactly what I did wrong. It has made me a better striker of the ball because you must hit the ball flush or be 10 yards short of your target. The feel is what is to be expected from Mizuno, soft and buttery, to me they very comparable to TN-87s, which to me is the all time best feeling iron. If youíre looking for a club that allows you to move the ball right to left, or left to right to varying degrees, the MP-69 can absolutely get the job done.

I really like the sole design, when I think of thin soles I think of digging into the ground, the sole design is thin but will not dig unless you want it to, very easy to hit out of divots and deep rough. Sound strange but that is what it came down to for me, in fact to me the MP-69s are easier to hit than cavity backs.

If you're a good golfer, you'll truly enjoy the feel and workability of the MP-69. The 3-6 irons would be the Mizuno MP-59 Irons and the 7-PW would be the MP-69. I didn't struggle very much hitting the short irons because it's much easier to hit a higher loft club. But, it's when you get further down the line that having some extra forgiveness would be nice. The performance is absolutely top notch. The sole design cuts through the turf without digging.

While the Mizuno MP-69 Irons isnít an iron for the average ball striker. Itís probably not even an iron for a very good ball striker. If you are exceptional ball strikers looking for an exceptional beautiful iron that offers exceptional feel, the Mizuno MP-69 Irons is for you. The lightweight characteristics of the pure titanium allows for the ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area to deliver consistent solid feel while simultaneously providing a dramatic increase in perimeter weighting for enhanced playability.
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