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K15 driver,but best price G15 Driver do I owe

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K15 driver,but best price G15 Driver do I owe 
By golfonlineau on Dec 28, 2012 05:56 AM
Do you want to hit a golf ball long and straight? If the answer is positive, you can test out the Ping K15 Driver. I have always struggled with a slice and have tried numerous best price golf clubs in an attempt to help. Although I continued to struggle with my slice while using the K15 on the driving range, my slice was not nearly as frequent or as severe as it usually is. I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to spend some time with this stick.

The K15 is specifically designed to help those golfers who struggle to contain their big fade, or slice as it’s more commonly called. I am right among them, so I choose the K15 better than the buy taylormade r11 driver. The face is very forgiving which isn't bad for a driver and is reasonably long. This driver may be not for you if you suffer from a hook, or have a higher spin rate. It helped me much with my slice.

When released, the K15 rounds out PING’s “15 series”, which also includes the G15 and I15. While unlike the Ping G15 Driver or I15, the K15 features what PING calls “Straight Flight Technology” or SFT. PING has made that extra weight visible via a slight bumpout which is visible on the clubhead (occasionally so at address). While the I15 is for better players, and the G15 is probably a good fit for most of the rest of the golfing population, the K15 is a good club for someone who suffers from a slice, or a low spin rate.

The Ping K15 driver promotes a nice and easy swing which helps utilize the full capacity of the SF Tec technology. It’s designed to help square the club at impact. I allways had a slight fade in my game. Not only has this club eliminated my fade but has also added 10-20 yards to my drives. The control and acuracy is phenominal and has allowed me to work the club instead of fighting it. My mis-hits are still going around 250-260 with only a slight fade at the end. I couldn't be happier and I can honestly say this is without a doubt the best driver I ever hit.

As for the distance, even Ridge, our senior tester who we acknowledge shouldn’t be hitting a stiff shafted driver, was impressed by the best price ping k15 driver creates. A softer shaft would likely help boost his launch angle and provide even better results for him. Even on mis-hits, the shots seem to have respectable distance and were fairly straight. Less importantly, but still confidence inducing, the headcover is cool too, people are always scoping my bag.
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