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Performance of the Ping G20 hybrid on sale

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Performance of the Ping G20 hybrid on sale 
By golfonlineau on Dec 28, 2012 05:43 AM
I am on a 11 and was struggling at times to play to my handicap. Just put the PING G20 Hybrid in my bag several week. Performance of the Ping G20 hybrid was very solid on the golf course, with no issues getting off tee, turf or through rough. The golf clubs au is definitely higher launching that its predecessor.

It made playing a hell of a lot easier. I came away with strong conclusive evidence for feel, trajectory, dispersion and length. My No. 1 criteria was consistency and dispersion, then carry and rajectory, then length. I have been all over the map with hybrids, and now, feel I found one that I can play with on a regular basis. My home course is well treed and there are only 4 quite long fairways and I believe that this new combination will serve me well.

I have Ping i20 Irons but I didn't choose i20 Hybrid. From the one round I have had with them I think the G20's are the easier of the two models to use but its early days yet. The PING G20 Hybrid is a lot more forgiving than the longer irons, the i20's can be worked, the G20's will go dead straight which is what the manufactures and testers say these things do. After hitting them for a while, you get over the alternative look of them, mainly because of their performance and feel.

The G20 hybrid also sports offset but with a shorter heel-to-toe length than the Ping K15 Hybrid . The head is slightly offset and I can really hit the ball high with this club. As a reformed slicer I can hit this club straight or with a slight draw is very easy. Additionally, it's a game improvement club, which makes it easy to hit. For a Ping product it looks good behind the ball during setup. This helps to improve your confidence in hitting the club.

A flatter lie angle and crown improve the appearance for added confidence. Added bounce and increased sole camber both front to back and heel to toe assure the PING G20 Hybrid exceptional ground impact. The G20's square setup and a neutral head rotation help bring the clubface straight at impact for shots that find their marks, even from challenging lies.
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