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New James shoes

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New James shoes 
By chinacheapshoes on Dec 26, 2012 07:01 AM
According to ESPN's Darren - Lowell, LeBron - James's new shoes forthcoming, it is learned, this is referred to as "LeBron tenth generation" shoes, the price will be more than 300 dollars.

Shoes market has been ready for a price of $ 300 shoes? Just this year, the release of the tenth generation LeBron shoes, the market will be tested.

According to the Wall Street Journal reported, cheapestshoeschina.com this internal installation of motion sensors, capable of real-time measurement of a variety of data, including the wearing of players able to jump more than higher shoes, the price will be $ 315. However, analysts from the the market retail research firm, "Sports One Source" Matt - Powell, but this shoe price should be $ 290. James shoes belongs sponsors spokesman Brian - Strong, did not disclose any details on the price.

In 1986, Air Jordan II broke through the threshold of $ 100, after 16 years, the Air Jordan XVII price broke through $ 200. According to last month's statistics, the retail price of more than $ 100 sports shoes, annual sales increased 30%, the retail price of $ 100 or more shoes, annual sales growth of 50%. James exclusive shoes sponsors, 95% of the nation's sneakers market monopoly.

Powell also said many people are concerned about the price, This is somewhat inflated. Shoes equipped with motion sensors, he estimates, this may only sold 50,000 pairs of ordinary shoes Offer 200000-300000 pairs, the price may be around $ 175. "And electronic elements," Powell said, "this would be very expensive to install sensors sneakers, applies only to special populations, that is, those who want to change into better shoes, athletic achievement of high school students or college students athletes. "

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