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NBA jerseys with advertising

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NBA jerseys with advertising 
By chinacheapshoes on Dec 26, 2012 06:59 AM
According to Yahoo Sports news reports, columnist Kelly.Dwyer said in the article, "New York Daily News" reporter Mickey.Lawrence jerseys NBA advertising news reports are true, <a href="http://www.nikewholesalejerseyschina.com">nike wholesale jersey</a> then the NBA the behavior of product placement on the jersey after the season Stern of disrespectful behavior of an unscrupulous defile the purity jersey.

Let's take a look at Lawrence: the NBA bosses Council meeting to be held in Las Vegas on Sunday reported happy, long-awaited advertising in support of the ball in the NBA after two seasons on the team's jersey. NBA vice president Adam - Silva said, the new advertising each season for the Union to create a billion dollars in revenue, the estimated amount of revenue will be shared equally between the boss and the players. The shirt ads about 2 inches, put the area in the shoulder of the jersey.

But now, according to ESPN columnist Darren - Lowell message disclosure, then the program is ad delivery area in the logo on the jersey, about 2 inches. But the news that all parties fairly complex design advertising on the jersey, which needs more time to study, the move also will allow the NBA to become the largest jersey advertising sports leagues. The problem, of course, more than that, but also may involve conflict with advertising endorsements by some players, the NBA must eliminate these adverse effects.

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