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Titleist 910 D3 vs D2 Driver best price

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Titleist 910 D3 vs D2 Driver best price  
By golfonlineau on Dec 15, 2012 05:37 AM
I'd had a club fitting by a Titleist pro and knew what I was looking for already. Tried the Titleist 910 Series at the local range and it was my love at first strike. Titleist adjustability and shaft options make all the difference in shot making. With the all black PVD finish and classic pear shaped lines, both the Titleist 910 D2 and D3 heads look great from any angle.

I originally went with the cheap titleist 910 d2 driver best price in an 8.5* loft with the ahina shaft, which is a full 1* stronger than I usually play. I went with this because of the higher ball flight on the D2 and the fact that I can increase the loft up to 10* by adjusting the hosel, so I can fall back to the increased loft if needed. The D2 just had too much spin for me so I went to the D3, and have a 60g RIP, Diamana Whiteboard 73g and a graphite design Pershing shaft for it.

After swinging the D3 multiple times, my cheapest r11 driver felt dead off the club face and I felt like I was swinging a shovel. Bought the D3 and actually increased my %fairways hit from 48% to 54%. So all in all no loss of control and gained about 10 yards off the tee. I also felt like I had a better sense of where the sweet spot on the club was in comparison to my Nike Sumo and the D2.

The D2 is the larger at 460cc while the Titleist 910 D3 Driver(http://www.bestpricegolfonline.co.uk/Titleist-910-D3-Driver--goods-277.html) is only 445cc but unless you have them next to each other they are almost identical in appearance. In addition, the launch angle of the D2 and D3 are significantly different and you'll need to find the best launch and spin for you. Again, however, the adjustability factor will allow you to tweak in the real world.

The 910 D2 is very forgiving and very straight. The sound is solid and a little muted. Everything sounded like a center hit. I the feel of the Golf Clubs For Sale is like a center strike on a forged iron, buttery but powerful. The D2 seems to produce more spin, as it produced a slightly higher ball flight than the D3 with the same shaft. Very traditional, clean look. Hard to believe they got that much forgiveness in such a traditional looking head.

The cheapest titleist 910 d3 driver looked a little smaller from the face to the back of the crown. It felt and sounded a little more metallic. I only noticed a slight difference in forgiveness. The D3 definitely produces a lower ball flight. I typically prefer a 73g Diamana whiteboard, but also found the RIP 60 is a pretty nice shaft. It has a very large sweet spot that makes it easy to hit fairways and the smaller club head allows me to get more head speed and hit it further.
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