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TaylorMade MB Irons vs TaylorMade MC Irons review

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TaylorMade MB Irons vs TaylorMade MC Irons review 
By golfonlineau on Dec 15, 2012 05:31 AM
Designed for more accomplished players, the TaylorMade MB Irons are all about feel and control. Any golfer with a handicap in the teens can play and play well with these clubs. It is true that you need to concentrate with your set up on each shot, really focus on the shot and commit to your swing. When you make contact it is the sweetest feeling ever.

They play like butter. Taylormade has done it again. I hit the Ball farther with less effort. I hit a few with the Ping i20 Irons but just didn't give me the same feel although that would be my second choice. Workability like no other clubs and the feel that good players want. I do believe that the TaylorMade MBs hit so purely I would state that they are better than the MP 63s from Mizuno. Although these clubs do take good ball striking to be able to hit them as off center can result in loss of yardage, when you do strike them there is no rival.

I once was stunned at the repeated trajectory, superb control, sensational feel and feedback these clubs provide. The difference in forgiveness between the TaylorMade MC Irons and MB was minor, but the difference in feel between the two was major. Solid hits from the MB soared at targets with ease. The payoff for good hits with these MB's overshadows the limits of forgiveness MB's typically provide. I would also state that the feel coming off of the MCs is truly amazing as well and have almost the same feel as the blades. I could not be happier with my short time with them so far and am excited to continue to work with them and find my new yardages and control.

I think the weighting in the TaylorMade MB Irons is perfect although when holding in non-address positions can feel a bit heavy. In address however this golf clubs au feels amazing and the weighting is in just the right spot. When you hit these flush the feel is completely fluid. Overall, I think that Taylormade have come up with the best ever set of game improvement irons of all time for those who want to get their handicap down - practice, take aim and fire.
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