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Nike adhere to the "Liu Xiang" trademark

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Nike adhere to the "Liu Xiang" trademark 
By chinacheapshoes on Dec 12, 2012 08:29 AM
In a trademark case Liu Xiang and Nike once again linked to with all of this because of the Nike name of Liu Xiang, the image as a trademark insistence commercialization. For Nike and Liu Xiang, the "golden pair", there is news that, as early as in 2004 Liu Xiang became former Nike on an agreement signed with the Liu Xiang and applied for registration of a series designed especially for Liu Xiang trademarks, including "liuxiang "," LX ", as well as the trapeze hurdles graphics.

It is understood that, in July 1986, the Shanghai Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd. applied for registration of the trademark "Liu Xiang" brand, types of clothing, the right to exclusive use of the trademark deadline to apply for registration in 2017. Shanghai Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd., registered trademarks by "Liu Xiang" brand characters and eagle graphics.

The TRAB that Prior Shanghai Liu Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd. "Liu Xiang" brand registered trademark, the word "brand" significantly weaker "Liu Xiang" the word most likely to remember and identify. Therefore, the application for registration by the Nike trademark "Liu Xiang", nike shoes wholesale easy to make mistaken for ordinary consumers association between two registered trademarks species are clothing items and therefore dismissed the application of the Nike.

However, the judges ruled that does not dispel the Nike trademark "Liu Xiang" stubborn. Nike TRAB taken to court, the Beijing Intermediate People's Court hearing of the case before. It is reported that the face of the reasons given by the TRAB, Nike's agent said Liu Xiang's enormous popularity and Nike's influence in the world, consumers will not Nike "Liu Xiang" trademark application and in confused with the first of the "Liu Xiang" brand trademark. The TRAB agent stressed that, nike air max 90 regardless how high visibility of Liu Xiang, can not infringe on the rights of the earlier trade mark. As for the Liu himself the use or commercialization of its right to a name, they declined to comment.

Xiong Xiaokun think Nike registered trademarks of "liuxiang", "LX" trapeze hurdles graphics, but can not directly use the trademark "Liu Xiang" Liu Xiang pinyin or phonetic shorthand trademark did not bring better publicity to Nike effect this Nike would like to further enhance the visibility of its products by competing for the "Liu Xiang" trademark. Come from: www.chinacheaponline.com


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