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The Mizuno MP 52 Golf Clubs Canada

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The Mizuno MP 52 Golf Clubs Canada  
By kangmake on Nov 22, 2012 12:22 PM
The Mizuno MP-52 Irons are a fairly recent addition to the iron market. Designed with the aim of offering a combination of forgiveness and workability to the better golfer.

We all know the festival often bring big benefits to everyone, different kinds of goods discount for sale now. Right away the golf clubs canada do have the look of a serious players iron, there's no bright and fancy graphics displayed on these clubs.

This time is the golden time for shopping. I focus on golf equipment canada, because my fiends like to play, so I want to choose one for them during the festival. There are a variety of shafts on offer, most retailers stock the Dynamic Gold standard steel shafts, and the Project X Rifle Steel shafts. Looking for a long time, I decide to choose one from Mizuno MP Series, the company's "Cut Muscle" design of the last several years is missing, replaced with a very different "Dual Muscle" technology.

The models we tested were fitted with the Rifle regular flex shafts. The MP line golf clubs online has always been the domain of low and lower-mid handicappers. More information on the shafts and specifications available for the MP-52 irons can be found at the Mizuno Golf website.

They have a reputation as being workable while providing a lot of feedback. Along with looking very nice in the bag, the best golf clubs Mizuno MP-52 irons also look good at address, they give you the feeling that they're just saying "hit me".

Pure struck shots with the longer irons look fantastic in the air, and this is with the added bonus of the longer discount golf clubs MP-52 irons being surprisingly quite easy to hit. But generally you do often see a slight loss in distance, though it's not really by a huge amount.

Anyone who plays fairly regularly and is looking for a new iron, should strongly consider trying out these clubs.

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