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By xiangjin on Nov 14, 2012 03:21 AM
the masses, all believe that the masses, all relying on the masses, to the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of people to the highest standards, has always been our party's fine tradition and style. Party members and cadres have a responsibility obligation to walk in the forefront of learning from Lei Feng activities, set an coach factory outlet example. Not only to carry out the purpose of the party in their own posts, as a good servant of the people, should also be in the social life of strict self-discipline, strict requirements, driven by their exemplary words and deeds of the whole society to practice the spirit of Lei Feng.

Under the new historical conditions, coach factory online should pay attention to play the role of young people in the new force to learn from Lei Feng activities. Lei Feng spirit for their ideals and faith of the young people to form healthy and positive attitude towards life is important. Learn from Lei Feng coach factory activities carried out among young people should pay attention to the aesthetic needs, and a new way of communication adapted to the characteristics of contemporary young people read, combined with elements of new media tools and culture, art, fashion, combining voluntary service activities and social efforts enhance the relevance, adaptability, universality.

In the new historical conditions, learning from Lei Feng activities should adhere oriented toward grassroots masses. Learn from Lei Feng activities should use more loved by the masses, and more to build the platform to facilitate the participation of the masses, masses receptive to open up more channels to attract the masses to participate in the activities of learning from Lei Feng. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses initiative to combine the activities of the unified organization of spontaneous activities undertaken with the masses, to combine centralized activities and day-to-day work to coach factory outlet online inspire people with the spirit of Lei Feng, inspiring people, so that people learn coach factory by www.coachfactorybagse.com example, and have goals, Xianxian DLB.

In the new historical conditions, we have a broader understanding of "learning from Lei Feng" should avoid narrow understanding of "learning from coach factory Lei Feng" is seen as some kind of timing sentinel events. Embodies helpfulness, dedication to the ideas and behavior of the social spirit, with the spirit of Lei Feng corroborate. Jufan relief to the disaster area, the weak and the handicapped, charity donations, environmental protection, voluntary service, and in practice the spirit of Lei Feng, all the deeper spirit of Lei Feng, a broader, more life and times of the performance. Therefore, "learning from Lei Feng to do good" Everyone can be everywhere can learn. Dedication, loyal assumed responsibility to learn from Lei Feng, courageous, come forward to learn from Lei Feng, low-carbon life, energy conservation is learning coach factory from Lei Feng, offered once blood, planting a tree once a seat, help an elderly also learn from Lei Feng .
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