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PING G15 Irons Provide more Forgiveness

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PING G15 Irons Provide more Forgiveness 
By delia on Nov 12, 2012 06:56 AM
PING clubs have been called ugly for years. Honestly, I believe PING almost took pride in that statement claiming that they chose brains over beauty. However, the Ping G15 irons are not ugly.

As if the engineers collaborated with an artist to design the cheap golf clubs' cavity, the new red, black, and silver color scheme highlights the new Custom Tuning Port. The colors are both subtle and attractive. The majority of the G15's features should be familiar. The groves are painted the same with one final grove painted in white to help with alignment. The hosel has the same characteristic gouge all PING irons have had in recent years.

If you look at the specs for the G15 irons and the PING G20 irons you should notice that PING decreased the loft of every club by one degree. When I went to the range, I was expecting to gain approximately three to five yards of distance with every club. I was pretty satisfied with myself when I literally hit almost every club in my bag three to five yards farther with the G15 than the PING Rapture V2 Irons.

So far, PING had kept its promise: there was a better feel and there was an increase in distance. But how can you dramatically improve a club that you had just a few years back claimed was the "maximum" forgiveness iron? Well, PING did.

To sum up, the PING G15 Irons for sale are ideal for anyone looking for top-quality game-improving irons that will aid their progression. The large heads produce a penetrating flight, particularly compared with many game-improvement irons, which tend to hit the ball very high, but lose distance.

More information in http://www.golfcheapsupply.com/
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