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A Trick to Break XP Administrator Password

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A Trick to Break XP Administrator Password 
By Yeaney on Nov 09, 2012 07:43 AM
Recently Iíve been thinking a question. That is, whether we can break Windows xp password when it is forgotten or lost. Iíve found too many people today are facing the Windows xp password forgotten issue. We all know that if the password weíve forgotten is to the single user account on a computer, then the computer will deny any access unless the password is found again or removed directly. If that so, how to break xp administrator password in an easy way mean a lot to me.

I know there are many third-party Windows password recovery tools on the market which can provide the solution to break Windows xp password, windows 7,Vista password etc. Perhaps all those tools can be quite helpful for me to rescue my locked windows xp system. However, I think they are cost too much. With curiosity, I searched for "break windows xp password"on google. Thankfully, I finally got one and make it. It is Windows Password Recovery. Below is the exact solution I found.

How to break windows xp password with Windows Password Recovery?

Step1. Download a free demo version of Windows Password Recovery.
Step2. Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Recovery on any PC you have access to.
Step3. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive with Windows Password Recovery .
Step4:Break windows xp password with the burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.

Here is a free way for you to break password windows xp. You can have a try or share with your friends.

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