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First Glance at Titleist 913 D3 Driver

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First Glance at Titleist 913 D3 Driver 
By delia on Nov 02, 2012 07:21 AM
Titleist is a brand I've always considered to be the choice of accomplished golfers and thatís maybe no surprise given their success on Tour with the best players in the world. However, recently I had the pleasure of sitting through a two-hour science-fest on the technology involved in Titleistís new 913 drivers Ė donít feel sorry for me, I love that kind of thing.

At first glance, the Titleist 913 D3 Driver doesnít look drastically different from the 910, but in its first week on Tour in July around 50 per cent of Titleist staff players switched to the new drivers. By the end of 2012, 90 per cent of Titleistís staffers are expected to have switched Ė a clear sign of a measurable performance boost.

The Titleist 913 D3 has a smaller 445cc head but it wonít intimidate the life out of a higher-handicap player. In truth the differences between the two models arenít vast. Both deliver the same initial launch and spin characteristics and deliver high ball speeds across more of the face.

Another positive is the sheer number of shafts available as custom-fit options while Titleistís SureFit Tour hosel is a brilliant way to fine tune your ball flight with the right guidance. Titleistís refusal to go above the 45Ē standard shaft option is also a refreshing change in an era where shafts seem to be getting ever longer in the quest for distance.

All in all, I would recommend wholesale golf clubs as a must. A poorly-fitted driver simply wonít be as forgiving.

More information in http://www.ukgolftown.com/
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