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By xiangjin on Nov 02, 2012 01:37 AM
China's current social fields (and economic cross-field) the most striking contradiction is the contradiction of the income distribution. Over the years, the rapid economic growth, income growth and economic development of urban and rural residents, "out of sync". Within the national income, whether the proportion of personal income in the national income distribution, or the proportion of workers compensation in the initial distribution, showed a downward trend. Income distribution system have yet to be straightened out, the labor price distortions, the middle class is far from being formed, the income gap has been close to the cordon.

To solve this problem, you should allocate reform as a social reform coach purses outlet in the field of the first entry point. Distribution reform program brewing eight years so far not introduced, the masses of the people of this highly anticipated.

To this end, the new leadership to the introduction of distribution reform program as a "major battles to fight, and to do so coach outlet store online is bound to involve many resources system of property rights, cheap coach handbags fiscal and taxation systems, the factor price system, the government management system, and the reform of monopoly industries , it must be carried out as a system engineering operation.

In addition, it should be in cheap coach bags accordance with the requirements of the "civil society" to promote the innovation of social management system. This has several important elements, such as nurturing and innovative society organizations (including the new community organizations, grass-roots social organizations, as well as to replace part of the functions of the government organization), promote the autonomy of urban and rural communities, the establishment of a coordination mechanism of expression of the interests of the citizens, with "dialogue" instead of "confrontation".

In the specific propulsion, recommended the establishment of a "social management innovation pilot area. In 1979, the CPC Central Committee, Guangdong and Fujian as two provinces to implement special policies. 33 years later, I would suggest as a pilot area of ??social management system innovation, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Fujian Pingtan County, Pingtan County, the two sides can engage in social management of the trial.

The current focus: First, officials of personal and household income and property declaration system of notification; cheap coach purses implementation of inner-party democracy; Third, change the powers of the local government, "the source structure, the power truly comes from the" citizens granted. Can be cut from the officials of personal and household income and property declaration system of notification, such as breakthrough, will be beneficial to the system of www.coachoutletonlinespurses.net anti-corruption into orbit. As for the party's history, from the consensus more, the resistance is relatively small problems start to solve.

(4) cultural integration

The cultural reform involves "civilization fusion. The next step is to closely focus on the people of migrant workers, to promote the integration of the two civilizations of rural civilization "and" urban civilization "to avoid conflict and collision of two civilizations, which is the focus of Next domestic civilization fusion is recommended.
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