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Occasionally out of orbit.

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Occasionally out of orbit.  
By juny on Oct 31, 2012 07:14 AM

The Coach factory outlet online walk, you see a vine attached to plant tree trunks, soft and solid mutual -, you touched on this scene of the leaf. Let happiness and belong to stop this! You want to. Do not know the future will be how a rain breaks? Maybe rattan will be broken, the tree will fall, maybe Hushing day will be old, and you want to. Then, please time stop frame at the moment! Stop frame is eternal. Timelessness if there is this leaf of the moment, the future may encounter all sorts of apocalypse, has got the comfort and reward.

Because of worries too much, so you always put your life complicated. Clearly is to live in the present, you are always on the brain in the past, and worried about the future; Adhere to carry in the past, the future and present counterparts, your life of course only a piece of sloppy. And Coach factory outlet pure is a state of grace. Simply to skin feel the change in the weather, simply to nasal taste after the rain of the grass incense, simply to eyes General Mountain close shot like a picture. Simply live in the present. And then actually doesn't matter is true and false. Since there is no right and wrong, without thought, No true and false, there is no need to brood on and worried. No are true and false, not as in the dream? B: yeah, he simply takes your life as a dream to carry out it.

Today's you, is not happy, because someone in between words hurt you. You don't like to fight Coach outlet online , so you leave; but you just leave it, but do not have to leave is the man injury situation, so the more you think about it, the angrier. The angry, you don't have the strength to pay attention to the other things, many more the intentions to do to want to go to deal with events, is in you too diffuse the upset in, be forgot being neglected be omitted. Because, you just devotedly in angry. Emotionally make an issue of, this is to oneself of waste, and it is very bad to waste. After all, angry is also takes effort, and angry must energy-sapping. So, smart as you, don't let your emotions control you, when you and want to angry before, might as well quietly remind yourself 1: "don't waste." About A time when you are going to a train, midway but suddenly temporary he has a purpose in B underground car. Perhaps is chic places attract you, maybe by accident at a glance scenery touched you, in short, is this how you change was originally scheduled trip, and then through a field full of surprise trip. A is your original goal, B but let you understand A little adventure. Looking back, you say, it was a make you unforgettable experience derailed. Many of the life time not so? The purpose of using land to the only, but is to fulfill the original stroke just; Leave the default track, you will have the chance to find other scenery.
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By guoguo on Oct 31, 2012 07:41 AM
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