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Life journey in life flash.

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Life journey in life flash.  
By juny on Oct 31, 2012 07:14 AM

People have joys and sorrows, month have Yin eye Coach factory outlet online segmental ". Many things quietly in your sight, and quietly arranged themselves. Natural things, day keep everything, everything in fact do not need to worry about, all you have to do is do yourself, leave no regret, is enough. The long life, is not only purpose is process. Life journey life flash place is not necessarily the grass sprout out of the earth, life in prosperity, is not necessarily step flowers in return. The success or failure of life rise and fall, shade priorities, all in the grasp the discretion in see true. In a word, only have a good grasp of discretion, to achieve the highest state of the person to work, work to do proper, is life's biggest learning!

At one time, you feel low, even too lazy to draw the curtains of Coach factory outlet , looking out of the window of sunshine. So of course you also forget to look, on the window sill a basin of water every day need of Margaret. So I do not know how long after, finally one day, you had a low mood, at the same time also remind of you of Margaret. Oh, poor flowers, she still alive? You trembling open the curtains, but see her windward be seen, flowers yam smile. For in the past this many a day, although you forget to feed her drink water, god did not forget to care for her, rain and dew. Person do just right, is the highest state of life. Therefore, to grasp the good life discretion is mastered their own destiny.

Those successful people are able to on the road in life the automatics, the reason is not only their clever, also is not only their diligence, Coach factory outlet more is not they know how many methods and means, but in their human insight, they know what is just right, what is impartial, what is the judge, in a word, they have the ability to grasp the discretion. Life the most difficult to grasp the two word is "discretion". Discretion often is a personal life on the river a watershed, life work the hardest not less and does more, but would it do what extent. Infinite universe, through the ages, any matter cannot leave "discretion" two characters. The life is alive, the discretion is everywhere and nowhere not having, interpersonal relationship need to grasp the discretion, achievement career need to grasp the discretion, to promote work need to grasp the discretion, discretion is both a theory problem and a practical problem.
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By guoguo on Oct 31, 2012 07:41 AM
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