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What Do You Know The Difference

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What Do You Know The Difference 
By huluwa on Oct 30, 2012 06:56 AM
What Do You Know The Difference Between Mizuno Jpx-800 irons
As what I got for Mizuno , Mizuno has popularity amongst American and European sporting icons initiated the export of Mizuno products and the start of the Mizuno global business. Mizuno golf clubs are made to some of the highest standard in the industry. As a result of being built to extremely high specification Mizuno golf clubs (especially their forged irons) are used by some of the used by many of the world finest golfers including Ryder Cup hero Luke Donald and rising star Jeff Overton. Have a look through our In the Bag section to see who else is using Mizuno golf clubs.
Today I will example you the two mizuno jpx 800 to you ,which the key point is the difference between the two cheap JPX-800 irons from us .
First , the Mizuno JPX-800 Pro Irons. Designed for forgiveness, distance, and feel, the new JPX-800 Pro features the highest COR ever developed in a legendary Mizuno one piece Grain Flow Forged iron. A large cavity is created using a CNC cavity milling process which thins the face to raise ball speeds for maximum distance, and optimizes a low, deep center of gravity for increased forgiveness on less than perfect shots. The JPX-800 Pro delivers a perfectly tuned sound at impact for the ultimate in feel. The kind of soft, solid, consistent feel that only attainable through Mizuno patented Grain Flow Forging process and the exceptional use of Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology. The cheap us golf clubs JPX-800 Pro is also extremely pleasing to the eye, with a traditional look at address, minimal progressive off-set, thinner top line, and a modest, workable head size. In addition, the sole of the JPX-800 Pro implements an aggressive Triple Cut design that ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies. The unbelievable distance of the cheap us JPX-800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology, Hot Metal Face construction, and an exotic pocket cavity to hit the maximum allowable mizuno mp 69 limits for energy transfer. Hot Metal construction utilizes a new manufacturing process that increases the material natural strength to create an ultra-thin and multi-thickness face for maximum, consistent ball speed, while the innovative pocket cavity with external power bar design expands and extends the sweet area and lowers the center of gravity for unsurpassed forgiveness. An aggressive triple cut sole ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies, and a multi-material cavity badge provides tuned impact sound with enhanced feel and sharp looks. Simply put, the cheap JPX-800 irons from us utilize the world most advanced Game Improvement technologies to help the serious mid- to high-handicap player score like never before!
Shaft Availability: True Temper Dynalite Gold XP (R300 / S300) Mizuno Exsar IS4 Graphite (Regular)
Grip Availability: Exclusive Mizuno / Golf Pride M-21 58 Round
After this comparison of the two JPX-800 irons , you must get the difference between the two irons , you can also get more discount golf clubs in us at our online us golf clubs shop .
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