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Adjustments Highlight 2012 TaylorMade's Reviews

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Adjustments Highlight 2012 TaylorMade's Reviews 
By huluwa on Oct 30, 2012 06:48 AM
Adjustments Highlight 2012 TaylorMade's Reviews
Many of the new clubs this year let golfers change the club head so right to left or left to right shots are encouraged. The angle of the face can be changed to allow for longer shots, as well.
TaylorMade R11S Fairway Wood manufacturers know that lower scores make for happier times on the golf course so they are constantly trying to come up with ways to help the golfers make more birdies and pars.
This year, golf clubs are getting more and more high tech. Here's some of the more popular clubs coming out this season.
Callaway has released its new RAZR Fit driver and fairway woods. The new clubs allow a golfer to adjust the face of the club in a way that promotes changes to the ball flight. The driver also has weights that can be changed to increase the likelihood of a draw or straight tee shot.
TaylorMade has come out with an updated version of its R11S drivers and fairway woods and a new line of clubs called RocketBallz.
The new R11s clubs keep the company's Flight Control Technology while adding more adjustable settings and weights that are movable. The new driver has a large sweet spot than the previous R11 driver.
The TaylorMade RBZ irons have adjustable settings at a more affordable price. The clubs got their name when one of the company's engineers said they hit the ball like a rocket during testing.
Nike's new VR_S clubs are meant to help golfers with higher handicaps play better, but the company says some tour players also are using the clubs. The driver has eight adjustment settings and is meant to allow the player to generate maximum swing speed.
Cobra is coming out with a new line of clubs called AMP for advanced material placement. The clubs have adjustments and revisions to the clubface that forgive shots that aren't hit on the sweet spot. The company also is releasing a fairway wood and hybrid club known as the Baffler T-rail. The oversized clubs are meant to maximize forgiveness on mishit shots.
PING's new i20 series of clubs are meant to let golfers hit it a long way without losing accuracy. The taylormade r11s also are supposed to let a golfer work the ball from left to right or right to left.
The i20 fairway wood and hybrid are designed to let golfers escape from a difficult lie and still hit the ball far. The irons are meant to be forgiving even if you don't catch the ball as flush as you would like. The i20 clubs have finishes that reduce glare on the clubs.
Adams, which is known for its emphasis on club aerodynamics, is coming out with its Speedline FAST12 Clubs. The driver is designed to increase club head speed. One version is meant to help golfers who have a problem slicing their tee shots.
New clubs aren't always a necessity, but the improvements made by wholesale golf clubs manufacturers this year might very well help golfers who are learning how to get better at golf.
When the weather starts getting warmer every golfer begins to think of how they can keep the ball in the fairway off the tee and hit it on the green with their approach shots.
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