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Alert! How to use should be cautious person

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Alert! How to use should be cautious person 
By suny on Oct 29, 2012 08:55 AM
Louis on defense in flexible and is famous for its tough. But he is not strong sense of position problems but never get fundamental change. Especially in John terry was out of the game, Cheap Nike NFL jerseys such as today's first two grain of lost the ball is obvious example. Last season in the champion league final, Louis and cahill centre-back combination to the 120 minutes, and ultimately help the blues win the big ear cup, but it does not necessarily explain Louis defense is unassailable. This season, Louis in most of the time performance steady, but every time "made two", bring results are opponents scored two goals and even more.

But again, Louis on the pitch has a positive effect. For example he is on the offensive in the contribution. For example, in the game, he has 2 shots, http://www.cheapnikenfljerseyss.net/ and one threat to pass. And he vigorous advantage supporting his run. Run a much, much the pass. The whole game, he pass 68 times, is the whole Chelsea team passes most of the players. Moreover, he and the interaction of the home fans, is also very important. At Chelsea after goal, the players around celebrate lewis always agitate for the fans and teammates celebrate. Even Manchester united sir alex ferguson also can't help said: "Chelsea never give up, you can see, Louis is like a whirling dervish up and down as kept running, it reflected his into the game's wishes." However, from the enemy, especially good at playing well of psychological warfare of sir alex ferguson's praise, Chelsea may need to be alert to listen to.

Like a coin has two sides, people must Louis strengths, but also have to accept some of his weaknesses. Now, people hope, http://www.cheapnikenfljerseyss.net/ is Louis weakness appear as little as possible, especially not in the top and opponents such grand opera, when the time bomb. For how to use Louis to most can play its characteristics and public opinion also has a lot of views, such as let him the playing side guard, even to play in midfield, to this, maybe di matteo need a good tradeoff consideration.

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