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Cheapest Ping G15 Driver With Best price

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Cheapest Ping G15 Driver With Best price 
By tiiy on Oct 29, 2012 03:28 AM
Describing their design process, PING says: Utilizing finite element analysis and the latest in design software, ping golf australia engineers develop metal woods in a virtual world to ensure the highest level of performance before the clubs even reach the first tee. Factors such as moment of inertia (MOI), center of gravity (CG) location, crown structure and face thickness are carefully studied with the goal of designing longer, straighter and more consistent metal woods. Even the club's acoustics are analyzed to ensure a powerful sound and feel.

Clearly, to say that PING Golf engineers take the performance of their clubs seriously would be an understatement. If you have been playing a Titleist or one of the other "softer" sounding drivers on the market the first thing you will notice is the PING Golf 's sounddiscount golf equipmentI am in the middle of a back rehabilitation program so my swing speed has been hovering at or slightly above 100 mph. Even at that speed though solid contact sounded and felt like an explosion. This was not obnoxious but it certainly made me believe I hit the ball a lot farther than I did.

The g15 drivers lower, deeper CoG is obvious in this shot. The G10 is much more rounded from this view. The distance you achieve with the G15 is going to have a lot to do with whether you are fitted or not. As stated above, the new external weight pad is meant to produce optimal trajectory and spin. At 100 mph, I want my launch angle to be between 15 and 16 degrees and my spin rate to be between 3000 and 3300 RPMs. I achieve those numbers with my 10.5 degree Titleist Golf 909D2 so I assumed that a 10.5 degree G15 would be appropriate. I was wrong. Within a few shots I could tell that I was hitting the ball much higher than normal. That higher trajectory resulted in me hitting between half iron to full iron more into nearly every hole.

Once I put the PING Golf on a launch monitor I could easily see why I had lost distance. Even though my spin rate was staying around 3500 RPMs, my launch angle was between 18 and 19 degrees. A few degrees may not seem like much but it certainly was enough to lose 5 or 10 yards. I would recommend not repeating my mistake. You should not assume that the loft in one brand will be equal to a PING Golf 's playing characteristics. PING Golf prides itself on fitting a player with the club that is exactly right for them; a PING fitter should be able to tell you exactly which loft is right for your swing. Ignore the loft on the bottom of the driver and just focus on your launch angle if you really want to squeeze as much distance out of the ping g15 as possible.

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