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By starting on Oct 25, 2012 05:40 AM
Don night white there do not know his species in your home.

Do not be frightened.

"Hello, www.coachoutlets--canada.net my name is Xia Chenxi." Xia Chenxi naturally generous hand.

Lin Ran and her shaking hands, could not help but surprised, "Lin Ran, you age?

Entire design department uproarious laughter.

coach outlet online Xia Chenxi seriousness said, "25, an adult for many years."

Tang night White squint Xia Chenxi watched with great interest.

He did not expect, Xia Chenxi this woman is.

Really is vain.

"Hello, Don night white." Tang night white hand.

If it is under the watchful eyes, Xia Chenxi wanted twisting left.

The Tang total, hello. "Xia Chenxi hand.

The dry palms gently touch, Xia Chenxi bow.

He has a pair of clean hands, slender, distinguished, powerful look.

Tang night white felt their palms than Xia Chenxi smooth.

The palm of her hand, a lot of the cocoon.

Put the Buddha is the toil of hands.

Female engineers, indeed, there is www.coachfactorystorees.org a pair of toil hands.

Hands touched that separately, everyone knows their hearts flashed a lot of thought.

Chiang Hui was very disturbed at the side, always feel very coach outlet canada ambiguous atmosphere between the white and Xia Chenxi Tang night.

Xia Chenxi appear, they did from his eyes off her.

"Lin Ran said," I did not expect such a young Miss Xia, I've seen your design work, Opera is my favorite. "

coach factory "Thank http://www.mickael-pietrus.com/videos/read_blog/133947/www.coachfactorystorees.net-sdfgdfg654 you." Said Xia Chenxi polite.

Tang night White ran his eye over the design department, who fell JIANG Hui Jiang, director, and lawyers down as long as it would like to ask my colleagues in the Department of Design to eat a meal together, Down and wpl cooperation for many years, I have the Please meal. "

Wow ...... "

Office, such as suddenly put a gun salute, very lively.

Lin Ran almost did not choked to death in their own saliva.

Tang night White reluctantly pulled him design department has a look of impatience.

When they said to invite to dinner?

Your sister, Tang large and small home employees never please you to please wpl staff.

Do you have the nerve it?

Don coach factory outlet White Night, you in calculating what ah?

However, Lin Ran Xia Chenxi very interested in naturally pretended they discuss is the appearance.

JIANG Hui accident to see Lin Ran echoed, she had promised.

Tang faint white night said, "we must compliment to the place, the absence of paid."

If so eyes fell on the face of coach factory online Xia Chenxi evade.

Weeks enlarge the sound of shouting, "such a good opportunity to kill people, what an idiot not to go ah."

"Go, go, go ..."

"We have to go."

Xia Chenxi was about to say no opinions on sentence idiot choking.


Zhou Fang, I hate you, ah ah ah ah.

Xia Chenxi to summer baby call, "Baby, Mommy evening entertainment, you own dinner oh."

"Go to socialize?"

"Who eat?"

"Male and female?"


"Be sure to bring anti wolf sprays."

"No drinking."

Nine must be home. "

"Call something baby, who would dare to indecent assault, and the baby get rid of him."

Xia Chenxi, "......"

o (╯ □ ╰) o.

Summer baby, I'm your daughter? I was your daughter?

Xuejia Yun Listen the summer baby then hammer over the floor, laughing.

This baby is really a pistachio ah.

Whose son so tube Mommy ah.

coach outlet Xia Chenxi pushed her open, just something she took the information and weeks to put the research design.

Xia Chenxi behaved to answer questions, "I ask you the design department for dinner, no way shirk."
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