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Balance and Feel of Mizuno MX-1000 Irons

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Balance and Feel of Mizuno MX-1000 Irons 
By delia on Oct 24, 2012 07:09 AM
The mizuno mx 1000 irons are aimed at golfers looking for extreme levels of distance and forgiveness with a high launch angle.

The hollow body and hot metal face pushes the boundaries of R&A and USGA limits to expand the sweet spot across the face. The high launch also allows each club to have a stronger loft promoting increased distance without compromising on shot height.

The mizuno mx 300 takes distance and forgiveness as far as they can without the head size becoming offensive to the eye. es they look a little clunky, and boy are those top lines just a touch on the thick side. None the less, we are talking Mizunos here. Just as some of those chunkier looking Mercedes Sedans can manhandle a high speed corner, and still take a fast jump off a straight line.

Mizuno lets you know exactly where they are throughout your swing, and even though their main attraction is their forgiveness--they reward a well struck swing with both distance and feel as a testament to their tour proven tradition. With Irons this long, this high flying, and this straight shooting, hybrids actually become an option more than a necessity.

These Cheap Golf Clubs For Sale are stronger lofted than many, but not as strongly lofted as some. I give Mizuno credit for keeping the Pitching Wedge at 44*. These irons are the best "Super Game Improvement" irons to hit the market this year.

More information in http://www.augolftown.com/
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