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Titleist AP2 Iron set Helps You Make It

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Titleist AP2 Iron set Helps You Make It 
By huwoniu on Oct 19, 2012 03:54 AM
Titleist AP2 Iron set Helps You Make It
Titleist has over the years made a good claim for itself as makers of the 'classic' set of player's-level irons, highly regarded as the weapons of choice for the tour-level golfers. Looking at ap2 712 their range of irons over the years, most are simple, straightforward, performance-minded, and aimed at the advanced golfer. It is therefore quite understandable that their recent range of irons are making a bit of a stir in the golfing world, mainly for the standards they have to live up to, and also for their break from their traditional classic design with these modern looking clubs.
The titleist ap2 712 irons look basically the same as the AP1, save for the obvious name change, the forged engraving identifier on the AP2 and the all-monochrome colour scheme (The AP1 has splashes of red). All in all, I find them both very good-looking, classic yet with a modern feel.
The clubhead is forged out of 1025 steel which gives that soft yet solid forged feeling on well-struck shots. Hit after hit, the clubs gave out one of the nicest, softest sound and feel I have heard or felt coming from a golf club. Toe or heel mis-hits didn't seem to feel much different, which titleist ap2 712 can be attributed to the forgiveness provided by the club. And with a slightly blunted leading edge, these irons cut into the turf nicely. Balls hit achieved a good, penetrating flight without the usual ballooning trajectory of many of its competitors, just a good medium arc with good length.
But that's not to say you cannot hit it high; I found that I could make shots curve left or right or go higher in the air. These clubs do not really like to hit super-low shots though so hitting out from below a line of trees will require more work, but overall, if you can hit it, the titleist ap2 will help you make it.
At setup, the sight behind the ball was very comforting. They have a relatively thin top line and a nice mixture of chrome and satin to impress, but not overly so. At address though it is all business. The modest offset even in the long irons is in keeping with an advanced player's expectations, and just enough for the mid-handicap player to handle.
Let me tell you they are incredible. I tried every forged cavity iron in the store and these just outperformed. They feel great even softer than the old ap2s. The look still looks great and the bounce is slightly lower to improve contact with the turf. They were excellent and i would reccommend for everyone from a 13 down to play these clubs.
To conclude, the AP2 irons are clubs that have the necessary attributes for a mid-handicapper to play and improve with as they work towards lowering their handicaps and yet still retain the set once they have obtained an advanced handicap. I'm certainly one of them but have never felt my game would do them justice.

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