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The classic golf club-Titleist CB 712 Irons

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The classic golf club-Titleist CB 712 Irons  
By lily123 on Oct 18, 2012 03:49 AM
It may have been the sleek chrome finish or the old-world styling but whatever the case, they drew attention from a wide spectrum of golfers. Before hitting the irons, like those many admirers, I had a strong appreciation for the look of these sticks (golf wholesale). With a compact head shape, slight cavity enhanced with a solid weight pad, and slender soles they draw easy comparison to the classic Titleist blade irons of the past. from http://www.livegolfclub.com/.

On closer look, at address (the money shot for many golfers) they reflected back exactly what I wanted to see for this category of club. Not excessively long from heel to toe (shorter than the 2010 AP2) they might provide a test for poorer ball strikers but they seem to exude power for those who prefer this appearance (golf wholesale). They got two other check marks for me in the reduced amount of offset they possess (it ranges from .15" in the 2 iron down to .075" in the PW) and the top line in the long irons which have a soft and thin appearance. With the looks already on their side the real test came when I got to tee it up. My test session consisted of one range outing in dry, warm conditions followed by 41 holes played over four courses in varied stages of wet, windy, and somewhat cool weather. The first impact had me sold on their feel of Titleist CB 712 Irons.

They are not as "buttery soft" as some irons but they strike a nice balance between solid and smooth with a pleasant sound at impact. There is no jarring feel on Titleist AP2 712 Ironsimpact towards the heel and toe with the latter providing the most negative vibration - if you can even call it that. They were softer in feel than the 2010 AP2 iron that I tested them against with a more muted sound than that game improvement iron provided. Striking balls out of fairway, rough, and even divots was not really an issue in dry conditions but I had some concerns about how the narrow sole might perform in wet conditions.

I am more of a sweeper but with minimal roll on the leading edge I imagined there might be some digging going on when pressed into service on moist turf. That turned out not to be the case during my on-course time where I faced golf courses of Titleist AP1 712 Irons absolutely saturated by inches of rainfall. With the irons possessing grooves that conform to the 2010 Rules I did experience a couple shots from wet lies that flew further than expected (2010 Titleist CB irons). I adjusted quickly having grown up with V grooves. There was plenty of spin to stop the ball out of most conditions, although I will say that the greens were soft enough to accept most shots. I will need further testing on dry, firm greens to judge their true stopping power. The stock clubs were fitted with Dynamic Golf S300 shafts, one of several options at wholesale golf clubs.
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