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By reply on Oct 17, 2012 09:25 AM
They came to the train station, but stopped at the entrance to the waiting room. Two people staring at the small screen of the security apparatus, that constantly flowing above the outline of all kinds of luggage and bags.

The man said to see the luggage was put on the screen will illuminate Luggage stuff inside ...... you look, this is a washbasin ... This should be a quilt ... this ...... a pair of shoes. But why he can illuminate the things inside it? Men bowed his head. Asked his seven year old www.get-coachoutletonlines.com son.

X-ray reasons ... you told me yesterday. His son said.

The man nodded with satisfaction. He said. The x-ray. Only x-ray, to put things become transparent, we can see it coach outlet inside.

A man wearing a blue work clothes, stained up there a little bit of mud and water marks. Man disheveled. Eyes is the city people identified the kind of humble. Tell him to work in a construction team. There are too many men in the city, they came to the city from his hometown, scattered to various construction sites. Then, with the overload of labor, to maintain http://duaacce.org/?q=node/4243 a minimum level of expectations.

The man said that if people dig into. Internal organs will be very clear. This thing, you say your mother to the hospital X-ray machine.

He nodded hard. Expression was very excited. The screeners disdain Pieliaopiezui. If you say the beginning man then some fly So now, he has begun nonsense.

The man rushed his son smiled. Are you optimistic about the ......

Then he made a let around everyone by surprise move. He pounced on the security apparatus, curled himself up like a bag Pafu. The screeners shouted are you doing? But it was too late. The conveyor belt to the men sent to security device, a thin outline man Pafu appear on the screen. After a few seconds. Man security apparatus spit. The man get up Manmianhongguang the.

The screeners rushing toward the man yelling, what made you mad?

Men embarrassed laugh. He said. My son and I play games.

Playing games? Screeners angry, you take the security apparatus to do the coach outlet online game? You do not know this stuff is harmful to the body?

The men hurried toward him blink. The screeners coach factory outlet are yelling, ignoring the eager eyes of the man. The man quickly pulled up his son. The man said, walking, waiting coach outlet for the train!

They came to http://hopepcc.donordepot.com/node/12088 the waiting room, sit down and find two seats. The man coach factory outlet online asked his son. You just look at it?

The son said, is not very clear.

The man said it does not matter. You see is probably on the line. Had lung disease, lung where there will be a lot of shadows, you see I have? With his son, the man gestures with the position of the lung. His gestures are not accurate.

, There were no shadows. Son says seriously.

That's right. The man patted his son's shoulder satisfaction, you see that we are more clever, we lie to say that we are doing the game that not wearing a white lab coat, the doctor, he actually believed. He went so far as to confiscate our money. You see, I told you when the doctor thing.

Yes ah yes ah. The son of two floodlight.

Go back to your mother asked you, you stay with your father to see the X-ray, how do you say? Men asked.

Gone. His son coach outlet store said.

Go to the hospital to see? Men asked.

To see to the train station hospital. The son replied. Good son. Father squeezed his son's little face, we retractor bar! Father held out his hand, hooked his son's little finger. They carefully hook hook, each are in place.

Tell your mother, my lung disease has long been good, and do not let her worry. Do not let her put you sent over to accompany me to the hospital. The man stood up. The train is coming soon.

Better. Son nodded energetically. Your lungs do not have shadows, and I know the disease as early as you and your mother are.

The man smiled. Once again he squeezed his son's little face flushed.

Man put his son into the train. To go back. He walked quickly. He had to go back to work. He had to earn money in this city. All he wanted to earn money to take home. The family needed the money. He did not dare go to the hospital to check his disease. Even. Just hang out-patient. Then take an X-ray film.

Men go some anxious. He gently cough up, expectorate sputum, sandwiched faint bloodshot. He nervously back, but the thought of his son on the train. So the man laughed. Just now, he and his son do that game, www.buycoachsoutletfactory.net his satisfaction and happiness.
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