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Time to get on board with putter fitting

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Time to get on board with putter fitting 
By DanielBush on Oct 15, 2012 08:17 AM
It’s 2012; time to get on board with putter fitting

This is the first cheapest Callaway X-22 with a fully textured face. A urethane dampening layer backs an aluminum face plate that is covered with oval dimples. The dimples are designed to create friction between the ball and face, lowering the ball’s launch angle and creating faster forward roll.
“A simple design. cheapest G20 Driver has great pop to the ball and a smoothness of roll unlike anything else. The balance is flawless. I’m getting giddy putting with this.”
“The insert offers feedback but cheapest k15 irons too hard.”
Although not technically a grooved face, the dimples on the Metal-X provide the same undeniable, positive effect on roll that a grooved face does. Rather than saying “What took you so long?” we’ll go with “Nicely done” and “Well executed.”
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