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1 putter company. Add some fitting

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1 putter company. Add some fitting 
By DanielBush on Oct 15, 2012 08:13 AM
You’re the No. 1 putter company. Add some fitting

910 d2 in the Metal-X face are designed to create faster forward roll on the ball and to reduce the surface area of the face by 48 percent, which softens the sound at impact. The aluminum-urethane face insert removes 73 grams of weight from the face to deepen the center of gravity (CG).
“I’ve been waiting for an callaway razr with a metal face. The sound and feel used to be a deal-breaker, but now they’ve combined the best of both worlds.”
“The black finish really makes the two balls stand out, making it even easier to align, callaway x 24 is hard to imagine.”
Kudos to Odyssey for offering its new face insert in a smorgasbord of head shapes and shaft lengths—including belly and long—to fit every conceivable taste.
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