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Full-featured 3d-modeling software for Android

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Full-featured 3d-modeling software for Android 
By Scalisoft on Oct 14, 2012 10:29 AM

Spacedraw, an advanced 3d-graphics program, developed from scratch for multi-touch tablets and smartphones, is now available for Android!

  • introduces novel ways of viewing, drawing & modeling
  • makes efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout
  • runs on almost any Android-device and adapts to any screen-size, -type and -resolution
  • is aimed at both professionals and novices

It covers
  • drawing / constructing lines, curves and primitives
  • polygon- and patch-modeling
  • lighting, materials, texture mapping
  • 3d-painting

Available at scalisoft.com is
  • a detailed feature list
  • a comprehensive user manual
  • first examples of what can be done with Spacedraw, as scene files with construction-history, and screencasts of the creation
  • a [url="http://www.scalisoft.com/quickstart.htm"]quick-start guide[/URL] to take the first steps with Spacedraw

Spacedraw is available as a free, ad-free version that can freely be used with the only limitation that only scenes and models with up to 1000 vertices, and no undo-history can be saved to files.
A key can be purchased to remove this limitation for currently just $4.99

You can get it at Google Play, http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scalisoft.spacedraw

Please use this thread to discuss the program!


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