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To enter China considering that

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To enter China considering that  
By vedanerva on Oct 12, 2012 08:11 AM
To enter China considering that ugg boots the end of 2008 for once so far, ugg boots on sale the famous popular shoes brand snow boots cheap ugg boots UGG Australia the amount of stores in China is 13, slow speed shop and its degree of popularity on the Chinese formed a solid contrast, many UGGthe fans must choose online shopping, purchasing. And the market avalanche cottage UGG, so many fans know what direction to go.
However, this situation will be to improve this year. UGG Australia is the particular newly appointed chairman from the Asia-Pacific region, said in an exclusive interview with Post reporters, UGG shop in China will accelerate the pace is expected prior to end of September, UGG in China with regards to seven new stores in China through the end of 2012 the quantity of uggs on sale stores will reach concerning 22, and Hangzhou uggs outlet will be important cloth points city.
"UGG Hangzhou Tower stores ugg outlet performance can be quite good, Hangzhou is also a focus on the development of metropolitan areas in China. " Pitt Vallat said days gone by two years, UGG number of shops in China to double growth, even more than in Europe and the usa shop rate in the region, in 2013, will continue to operate in China to wide open new stores. "We will consider cooperation using the relatively high-end retailers, will also introduce web site of UGG Australia.COM, to when consumers can log in directly to the website to buy UGG products." Pitt Vallat said.
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