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TaylorMade RocketBallz or Burner SuperFast 2.0

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TaylorMade RocketBallz or Burner SuperFast 2.0 
By Alicess on Oct 12, 2012 07:13 AM
After the success of the R11 series, Taylormade, one of the biggest golf equipment suppliers, releases the new RBZ line. "RBZ" stands for RocketBallz, which means that these series will be great in distance. The average model of RBZ driver golfers has a larger face with more forgiveness, while the RocketBallz Tour driver has a smaller head and designed for the more accomplished golfer. This new series of clubs is completely different than the previous R11 series. TaylorMade has incorporated everything they have learned from the past into this new driver. This is a simpler driver that even the average golfer can manipulate, including limiting the adjustments that can be made. The taylormade rbz review has much more compact, sleeker and traditional shape design that appeals to my eye more. TaylorMade designed the RBZ to make it one of the longest and most forgiving drivers on the market. The Flight Control Technology of the RBZ allows players to alter face angle, loft and lie angle for increased accuracy and distance - which basically means, there is an RBZ option for you. The head also features some small striking green color accents to make your club look as good in the bag as it does at address. A modern and super-slippery aerodynamically shaped club head glides through the air with less resistance. This increases the speed at which the head travels and therefore the distance you hit the ball! The traditional, aerodynamic head benefits from TaylorMade's Ultra-Thin Wall casting process and Thick-thin crown design. The white crown color appears 2% at address, and eliminates "hot spots" caused by sunlight. The rbz driver review is consistently accurate and players of all ability levels will appreciate how easy and consistent it produces straight shots. Mishits generally produced a higher ball flight, yet still went fairly straight. The bad point is that the RBZ makes some noise, and it is almost too loud. This driver had a fantastic gear effect that helped keep poor hits from going sideways, and generally kept them pretty close to the fairway. It is great in distance, accuracy and feel except the sound. If you are looking for some quiet club, this may not be the one.

In the last year of 2011, the theme for both the R11 and the Burner is the white on black design of the metalwoods. And in the year of 2012, based on the previous years' successful models, Taylormade is still producing the golf clubs following the 2011 goal. However, TaylorMade has done a nice job of incorporating Burner's speed and distance genes into the club's aesthetics. From a few aspects, the white color has helped golfers a lot. By designing a driver with a black face and a white, matte-finished crown, TaylorMade is trying to create the most contrast possible in order to help golfers align the club more easily. Then you can really see the contrast of the white non-glare crown and black clubface, designed to make alignment easy. Add it all up, and TaylorMade says the taylormade burner driver is 5 yards longer than last year's model.

With the development of golf,for example,taylormade burner driver for saleCobra Driver,more and more people love this sport, at the same time, they are eager to join it in.
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