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Growth opportunity is create by ourselves?

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Growth opportunity is create by ourselves? 
By zibing on Oct 11, 2012 07:02 AM
Struggle will experience growth. All they that sow in tears shall reap with smile. Replica Ray Ban sunglasses It is the ancient philosophical wisdom. And you should not only be understood as the category of faith.

Yang LAN said, "If you can in the work do a better job a little, do not need a lot of, you have the next chance to do great things. Ray Ban sunglasses sale But if you do nothing, stop there complain: I also in other ways than they? It's useless, the world no one wants to hear such words. We only pay attention to the result of you do things. So you just in one hand, the others a little bit, you will has long chance."

A time to attend a BBS, a professor says a point of view: a person does not need to do everything well. In fact as long as one thing does well, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 you will have another chance. I think it is very justified. As I have met many do reporters counterparts, they say: Yang LAN you are lucky to interview so many heads of state and government, we do not have this opportunity. And I actually from interview a warden began. So if the warden didn't interview good, don't go to interview the mayor, The mayor didn't interview good, don't interview minister; As the minister interview good, again want to deputy prime minister, the prime minister and President.
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