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Success is very simple!

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Success is very simple!  
By zibing on Oct 11, 2012 07:01 AM
If you want to do marketing, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses is about to see the enterprise to the core of marketing talents demand, you don't need according to the requirements of the marketing director develop their own, only need to find a very subdivision market, such as in the marketing of many link select a link, such as investigation, For example, in many industries choose an industry, such as fast away, even more segmentation of shampoo industry; You be to how people see shampoo, how to choose and buy shampoo very experienced, for example, spent a year to study it, combination use a variety of means of investigation, doing a lot of interviews, shampoo trial experience and so on. A large number of rich sample, analysis report whip monarch Daniel into the AC Nielsen such company looking at all the degree of blush with shame, because they just in work, you are crazy - if you are a study shampoo consumer demand crazy, but also sorrow procter & gamble, unilever, Johnson &johnson this company not mad grab you?

I wasn't saying that you should paranoid only do one thing, Ray Ban sunglasses sale but one thing do outstanding place, can bring all the good things. If you can clear up the shampoo investigation, you will research products, and even marketing other links and problems clear, because obviously you can't work behind closed doors, you need to analysis and study a lot of industry literature, other companies report, there are many learning! You want to visit a lot of industry experts, distributors, salesman, consumer, this requires many communication skills! You may not be able to finish this work alone, need to unite a number of iron the elder brothers to do, this need team spirit and leadership ah, to write a report when many need logical analysis ability and writing ability! One thing can exercise and test all of your quality, and one thing contains all the things!

The old yu said, do one thing you do is touched, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 you will be successful. Because you must first touched himself, will move others, will have someone else's response.
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