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adidas 3 tongue 
By tianya on Oct 11, 2012 03:38 AM
In recent years, the decrease in well-known foreign business in China are often seen. Aforementioned Adidas closed factory in Suzhou, market sources said it will be moved to cheaper labor in Southeast Asia. Ito-Yokado functional underwear production originally 95% in China in 2012, the company plans to part of the production capacity transferred to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/women-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-wings-20-c-18_33.html>jeremy scott wings 2.0</a>. The data show that compared with the labor costs of emerging countries in Southeast Asia, China's labor costs are the highest. The weakening of the cost advantage, making the growing concern of the community for the withdrawal of foreign investment in China.

Mei Xinyu that foreign reduce its investment in China, the real evacuation due to rising domestic costs and a few, is due to the poor economy of the home country of the overseas investors. In his view, China's human resources, infrastructure, public services, and supporting industries advantage, if not unique in the world is also rare, China is the world's only country of the United Nations Industrial Classification (microblogging) all industry categories <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/women-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-wings-20-c-18_33.html>adidas jeremy scott shop</a>. Southeast Asian developing countries rely solely on the advantages of cheap labor and cheap land to impossible to keep up with China. He believes that the upgrading of the labor costs for foreign-invested enterprises are not entirely negative news. "Is the wage raised to create the prospect of continued strong expansion of China's domestic consumer market, it has attracted more and more foreign-invested enterprises to focus on the domestic market," he said.

Barclays report also said that the medium and long term, because there is a good supply chain, a huge domestic market, the scale of the economic diversification of its economy, the future is still attractive to foreign investors. Zhang Yansheng opposed to China's comparative advantage of the country there is no alternative "argument <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/men-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-3-tongue-c-17_25.html>adidas 3 tongue</a>. He said, the rise in the price of labor is labor-intensive industries in China, the biggest change over the next five years, these industry trends are very clear that China's low-cost advantage will come to an end. The cost advantage of labor-intensive industries are no longer likely to affect employment in the coming period. So, when the price of labor is no longer cheap, our government should make greater efforts in vocational education and training to improve the ability of workers, labor industrial services capabilities, expanding channels for re-employment, and improve the living environment of small and medium-sized enterprises and the service industry. "If these problems are not resolved, the future may appear traditional labor-intensive industries no longer have an advantage, new industries and then on to the time the economic problems might be able to Paul 7 problems, rather than breaking 8 so labor-intensive enterprises Transformation of Chinese medium-and long-term through the adjustments and reforms need to address the problem. "said Zhang Yansheng.

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