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js wings 2.0 
By tianya on Oct 11, 2012 03:38 AM
FDI continued to decline caused great concern to the government and experts and scholars. Industry experts believe that the domestic and international factors together lead to a slowdown in foreign investment in China, especially the European debt crisis unresolved and stabilize the U.S. economy, FDI flow volatility is inevitable, and the Chinese labor elements The rising cost of reinforced this trend <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/men-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-wings-20-c-17_24.html>adidas jeremy scott wings 2.0</a>. Mei Xinyu, the reasons for the decline of foreign direct investment in China is attributed to the debt crisis in the European Union. The poor overseas investors mother country's economy in trouble, the parent company, the decline in the ability of foreign investment, investment back even need to deploy an emergency. "He said.

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang also said that from an international perspective, the European debt crisis is not properly solutions to the international financial markets have become more volatile, advocated by the U.S. government "manufacturing revitalization" plan, and the countries of the major emerging market economies become multinational strategic layout The new hot spots, resulting in global direct investment flows to some new changes will happen. Domestically, the tightening of the supply of land, rising labor costs, the competitive advantage of foreign investment in China has also led to some weakening. Zhang Yansheng rising factor costs is the main reason of the transfer of foreign capital. He always cost at least investment in industrial capital. In recent years, China's foreign investment has accelerated noticeably outward transfer of the assets of the estate of Europe and the United States, on the one hand, a large part of our industry is export-oriented, cost-driven, on the other hand the with the rising costs of China's labor force, Europe and the United States will be division of industrial chain transfer to cheaper labor <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/men-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-wings-20-c-17_24.html>adidas js wings 2.0</a>.

In addition to rising costs, China's economic "structural adjustment" to attract foreign policy orientation also makes foreign investment in China has decreased. Barclays Asia recently released research report pointed out that the Chinese government in recent years advocated the value of introducing foreign investment quality rather than quantity, is also an important factor in reducing the lead to FDI is expected to have more FDI to invest in financial services, logistics, medical, travel , and culture in the service sector <a href=http://www.jeremyscott2012.net/men-shoes-adidas-jeremy-scott-wings-20-c-17_24.html>js wings 2.0</a>.

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