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Hot New Golf Drivers Available

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Hot New Golf Drivers Available 
By lily123 on Oct 10, 2012 08:43 AM
Now that the golf season is almost here for most of us, I do believe it's a great time to reflect on a number of the hot new golf driver available. This discussion will not be designed as an in-depth analysis of all the new drivers available on the market, but look at some who thought we were worthy to take in more detail, if you're in the market. As usual, a lot of companies are promoting their hot new golf drivers now, so let's look at a few.

Ping uses an external weight pad is located in the rear sole to hit the ball high and with low spin. Rather than reducing the weight of the club head, they placed the center of gravity in the shaft closer to the handle end of the club. Golfers who have used ping k15 irons like its stable feel and call it very forgiving.

It has a thin crown to save weight, a hosel that allows for 32 adjustable settings and a variable thickness cupface to improve off-center hits. The adjustable hosel is much less noticeable in this year's edition. It has a very strong sound and feel.
TAYLORMADE BURNER SUPERFAST 2.0 Their philosophy is to help golfers generate clubhead speed through a lightweight club. A shaft of 48 grams gives the club a total weight of less than 280 grams. A sloping crown and low sole push the center of gravity low for higher launch with less spin. Golfers who use it say it's long off the tee, but very forgiving.

ping k15 irons best price is designed for mid-handicap and high-handicapped golfer. Cobra uses an elliptical face and bevelled perimeter, producing a larger sweet spot (about 30% larger), which they believed to better reflect the profile of miss-hit the average golfer.

The 16 adjustable parameters of the hosel allow the club's loft angle and lie to be manipulated independently. This optimizes launch conditions for each player. It has a crown thinner than previous Titleist drivers, which helps lower the center of gravity. Reviewers liked the club's adjustability factor.As ping k15 irons review mentioned previously, these hot new golf drivers available on the market are not all that are there this year. However, it gives a representative sample of what some of the largest discount golf clubs manufacturers have to offer.
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Hot New Golf Drivers Available 
By jin1234i on Oct 31, 2012 05:21 AM
The golf season is almost here for most of us I do believe it's a great time to reflect on a number of the hot new golf driver available.

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