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Mizuno MP-69 irons Vs MP-68 irons

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Mizuno MP-69 irons Vs MP-68 irons  
By kuikuitu on Oct 09, 2012 05:03 AM
The mizuno mp 69 irons are modern take on classic blades, but with as much forgiveness as this style of iron will allow. The concave muscle back on the rear of the blade is a larger then you would expect, but it really adds forgiveness without losing any of the visual appeal or performance of a blade. Anything slightly off-centre still maintains the feel and flight of a centre hit, although you will know about it if you really mis-hit it.

The Mizuno MP-69 is a pure muscle-back with the same profile and offset as the mp-68. A new 4D muscle pad in the back of the club is more pronounced and locates weight strategically from 3-iron to pitching wedge. This means the shorter irons are designed to appear cleaner and more compact and have a higher centre of gravity for better trajectory control. The trailing edge of the sole features a bevel on it to allow for a cleaner exit from the turf.

The final benefit of getting yourself a set of MP-68 is that they have conforming grooves for 2010 and beyond. Mizuno MP-68 Irons are serious looking discount golf clubs designed for serious golfers. These irons are intended to offer fantastic control and workability for low handicappers and skilled players.

Not much distance seems to be lost on badly struck shots either, the carry that the mp-68 irons can produce is generally quite consistent. Always with a very powerful trajectory and penetrating ball flight.
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