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Meet again Ping G15 Irons

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Meet again Ping G15 Irons 
By maomao12 on Oct 08, 2012 02:31 AM
As what I have got from Ping I know that with maximum forgiveness technology, Ping Irons provide a variety of design features to lower your scores and help improve your game.

The technology of the ping g15 provides the high-launching, maximum forgiveness benefits that the majority of golfers rely on to bring consistency to their iron play. The stainless steel iron's cavity design features a floating Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which expands the perimeter weighting and increases the moment of inertia.Weight savings from a thinner face are moved to the toe for added forgiveness, while the wider sole produces a higher launch angle.Ping G15 irons, without any doubt, are one of the best irons on the market, The G15 irons are longer than other irons, and the longer irons are very fit for drawing the ball.

Cheap Ping G15 Irons replace the hugely popular, market leading G10 irons and introduce a number of improvements that make them even more attractive than their best selling predecessors. The biggest improvement is that the wholesale golf equipment G15 irons are a bit more forgiving thanks to the moment of inertia increasing which Ping has achieved by introducing a custom tuning port that is further back from the face of the clubhead. This has allowed Ping's designers to remove seven grams from the G15's face custom tuning port structure without destabilizing the clubface or reducing distance control. This weight is repositioned to move the center of gravity lower and back in the club head to help provide high launch and optimal spin.

Brand new as of 2010, the Ping G15 irons generally can be the best choice for you to enhance your handicap and the Ping irons can do a lot for your game improvement.
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Re: Meet again Ping G15 Irons 
By mackyalex121 on Dec 05, 2012 08:42 AM
The Ping G15 tuning port golf club set is an indispensable golfing equipment for all professionals.

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