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Much Easier Mizuno MP-59 Irons Review

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Much Easier Mizuno MP-59 Irons Review 
By yiyad123 on Oct 06, 2012 06:06 AM
Mizuno's own optical illusion, the compact MP-59 hides away a staggering level of forgiveness. The Mizuno MP-59 Irons distinctive Diamond Muscle ensures that greater forgiveness is not achieved at the cost of workability or feel. The price of these irons is a bit steep, but you can find them sold at discount golf prices online.
The New MP 59 Irons are Mizuno's latest release of Irons and are here to replace the Mizuno MP-68 Irons. The new Mizuno MP-59 irons have got what Mizuno call diamond back technology which basically makes it so that when you hit it out of the middle of the club you get a more solid purer strike and overall get abetter strike and feel off the club head. Mizuno have also changed the irons because they found that the sounds people hear when they hit the ball are a large part of feel so they even tuned the sounds of the iron on contact with the golf ball to try and make these irons even better than the previous MP series which were a great set of irons and are very hard to improve on. Mizuno have really done there best here to create these irons and make them better than there older sets by reintroducing technology which they used in there T-Zoid irons years ago to re-enforce the hitting area and make a great strike even more rewarding.
Out of the two new irons that have been brought out (The http://www.buygolfhere.com/Mizuno-MP-58-Irons-UK-249.htmls and the Mizuno MP-59 irons) these two tend to lean more towards the mid handicapper as they are a lot easier to hit than the MP 63s becuase they have a slightly larger head a small undercut cavity which makes them more forgiving.
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