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Who can you think of?

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Who can you think of? 
By zibing on Oct 04, 2012 12:41 AM
Suddenly found that, you can really say friends, Replica Ray Ban sunglasses is so can be counted on one's fingers. Sometimes, some people don't need to say goodbye, he had left. Sometimes, some things don't open and understand. Sometimes, some way don't walk and can become long. Those people, those things, just that, just at that time is already past.

Commitment, give not burden, later, no longer believe, later, Ray Ban sunglasses sale it is not easily promise, the society after indifferently. Care about too many friends, become not the ego, finally always put their discarded in a deserted island, protect myself. Don't want to reveal too much grief, so quiet. Always looking at the mobile phone, a vague think of some people, but is not willing to split the silent, just silently miss those given encouragement, give a concerned about friends. Although leave, but still thank. Though strange, but still miss.

Once incentive words, embalm. Once with time, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 remember to have you warm. Maybe is my quiet let us strange, maybe is my leave let us strange, maybe is my silence let us no longer contact often, maybe those were, perhaps, but because I... But I was a stubborn child, likes the bit.

You leave, will only let me more silent, will only let me want to cry, will only let me blaming yourself. There is no contact days, a person, slowly, learning to indifferently. Go too much road, and encounter too many people, said too much, text, still, so pale, so helpless. Many people, many things, and have been silent, don't want to mention. A turn, it will become a stranger, their forgotten in the time tunnel, who would remember once there is one person? Time, in an instant, too fast, always let a person, it is time that has changed, or oneself to change myself, I can only silence...
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