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To fiddle said no! 
By zibing on Sep 29, 2012 06:53 AM
In the face of the time the wealth, people reaction generally is both love and hate. Replica Ray Ban sunglasses Love, is precious time and mysterious, and hate lies in the passage of time ruthless. Essayist exclamation, "hand washing, days from birdbath the past, have a meal of the time, the days from the bowl of the past, silent, they NingRan from the double eyes the past. I perceived him to rush, hand screen wan, he and from the screen in the hand in the past, at dark, I lie on the bed, he was clever li music from my body across, from my feet fly away. When I open my eyes and the sun goodbye, do this calculate and slipping away a day. I bury my face in hands. However, the shadow of new days is leaving trippingly in a flash sigh."

And in a fast pace today, white-collar workers, Ray Ban sunglasses sale every day all kinds of pressure control, fly like skelter, time always seems to be not enough use, and workplace delay the disease has become a popular topic. Know a mountain of similar things in the eyes, and stretch out the files, messy almirah, a this call, a letter of this fly out of the mail, a dust settles the sacred cow, and his anxious heart. But we also in trance, and stay for a while, just a second...

Undoubtedly, successful people often are the most able to time management people. Kai-fu lee once to young students share their time management method, Ray Ban sunglasses 3025 don't become a slave to "emergency". Things points priorities, here the "heavy" and "urgent" is not the same. The inertia is the most urgent things to do first, but often because to do so and the important thing was ruined. Most urgent things actually are not important, but many important things are not an emergency. Therefore, don't put all the time to do the look "emergency" thing, be sure to leave some time to do the really "important" things. Secondly, points out "must do" and "don't have to do", do "good enough is good" and "good enough is still not good enough". At the same time, must take the final for the beginning, do a long-term blueprint, step by step to the goal. In li kaifu opinion, time management and goal setting, target execution has the complementary relationship, and time management and objective management are inseparable. Every little's goals, can let you know clearly what you and big target distance.

The person's lifetime largest wealth is: talent and time. Talent is more and more, but time is less and less, kai-fu lee that, our life is to use time to exchange for talent. If passed, our less time and talent does not increase, it is wasted time. So, we must save time, efficient use of time.


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